then it’s time to join my mentor program and walk away with the confidence, skills and tools needed to take your business full-time within a year

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you already know how to take beautiful pictures,

you already have an amazing portfolio of photographs,

and you already know how to spoil your clients and serve them well,

but what you don’t know (YET) is how to build and grow your photography business!

that’s where my mentorship program comes in…

even though the dream to become a full-time photographer is as real as ever, the path to actually getting there is anything but easy. you’re told all these things you need to do to be successful, and it feels overwhelming. you don’t have time to learn all this stuff AND care for your feels like too much! IS too much without a mentor, and if you don’t allow a guide to come alongside you for direct guidance, you’ll be stuck in the same cycle of chasing after information and resources never really knowing what works...

it’s a lot of noise and not a lot of direction. but here’s the truth…

you can find clarity on how to build + grow your photography business.

take it from someone who has gone before you and gotten the trial and error out of the way. i know what’s possible. i know how to scale a business, and I know how to help you do the same.

you can charge more money and still serve the clients you love.

i want to see you make the kind of money you deserve, and that’s not going to happen unless you make some changes in the way you are currently running your business. i see how amazing you are, and i know the right clients will see and pay for that gift! you don’t have to trade money for clients you love to serve or the other way around. you can have BOTH!

you can become a full-time photographer within a year.

that’s my goal for you through my mentorship program. from the first month we start working together, if you apply what you learn, then you will have the confidence, tools and skills to start a successful, full-time photography business within the year.

i want this!

i’ve been where you’re at...i was in my last semester of college studying journalism to become a sports broadcaster, and my business was starting to pick up. i remember laying my head on the table in the production room after staring at anchor applications for ESPN + ABC to go work for the olympics.

i was overwhelmed with the fact that i had two things i loved in front of me. i had the option to follow my degree and work so hard to climb the ladder as a female in the sports broadcasting industry, and i had the option to continue doing something i totally LOVED - photographing weddings.

being a photographer allowed me to work with AMAZING couples who already loved me. i didn’t feel like i had to convince anyone of my worth the way i did in my current job, so i left journalism behind! when I left the broadcasting industry, i didn’t know how to move my photography business to full-time. I felt as though i would break underneath all of the “how-tos” floating around and felt anything but clarity when it came to finding success. i was a photographer, after all, not a businesswoman... right?

working with a mentor showed me that i was completely capable of running a business and gave me the tools and resources to do just that. mentorship provided me the accountability I needed to TRIPLE my income and move my business to full-time in just 3 months. my mentor helped me hone in on who it is i would serve within my business so that i could stop marketing to “myself” and start marketing to a target audience who wanted what I had to offer.

knowing the ins and outs of my ideal client helped me brand, market, and speak to HER directly. i was able to attract her to my business because she felt heard and understood!! my mentor also helped me work on my pricing so that i could pay my bills AND pay myself FIRST. the pricing shift was massive and moved my business forward so quickly!

bottom line: you need a mentor, too, if you want a fast-track way to a full-time photography business.

in my 3-month mentor program, i get to know you personally and learn the ins-and-outs of your business. too many mentorship programs have a one-size-fits all approach that just doesn’t work. you deserve the time and attention so i can truly help you learn how to overcome obstacles and move your business forward in super specific ways...versus just tossing out content and knowledge and hoping it sticks!!

i don’t just share my expertise, i share my heart.

let's go!

"i went from booking budget weddings to working with my dream clients (which i didn't even know who my dream client was until the program). jules pushes you to reach the goals you set together through the entire process and i have continued to set and crush goals thanks to the tools i learned. i feel so much more confident and my client experience is something i am incredibly proud of, and its all thanks to jules and her guidance! since the program i've booked 5 weddings and i've doubled my price per wedding!!!"

"jules not only helped give me all the tools that i needed to build my business but she also gave me the confidence to start it in the first place. she helped educate me and then she encouraged me to keep it growing."

-markie m. @markiemicaphoto

-linsey h. @linseyhuffakerphoto


the reason you’re having a hard time in your business is because you aren’t clear on your personal brand. i will help you create a unified brand to reflect on social media, your website, emails, and in your interactions with your clients. and let me tell you a secret...this goes way beyond beautiful photos and visuals.


hone in on who you serve.

the only way you can serve your clients to the best of your ability is if you know exactly what they need...and to do that, you need to know your ideal client inside and out. together we will walk through how to identify your ideal client and get to know her on a deep level so you can serve her well. (think of her as your new bestie!)


make more money.

the right clients will see the value that you bring and believe without a doubt that what you offer is specifically for them. because of that, they won’t have any problem paying you what you deserve! it’s time to raise those prices, girl!

yes! this is for me!


when you decide you want to apply to the program, we will hop on a call together to chat about your business and make sure my program is the right fit! at that time, we will talk about the pricing and payment plan options.


the program is three months long and includes two hour-long phone calls every other week starting week 1. The opposite weeks include 30-minute check-ins so that you feel you are supported the entire duration of the program. (i’m here for you).


during the three months in the mentor program, you will have access to chat with jules over an app called voxer!! if you have questions in-between calls or want to work on something before your next mentoring session, you can use the voxer app to check-in and get your questions answered without having to wait for the 1:1 calls.

don’t worry if you don’t see your question here...

if you have any additional questions, you can ask me on our first call!

schedule my call!

you know you're an awesome wedding photographer, but you can't seem to book enough clients to be considered full-time.

you’re constantly wondering what you should be posting + sharing on social media to be taken seriously as a wedding photographer beyond those beautiful photos.

you need more ways to spoil your clients so well that they spread your business to all their friends and become your built-in referral system.

you don’t love checking your bank account because your business isn’t making enough to feel legit.

you want to raise your prices but feel terrified no one will pay higher rates.

you want to be able to both make money AND work with clients you love.

if you said “yes” to at least three of the above, i can’t wait to meet you inside.

i want in!

(i can’t wait to walk alongside you!)

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