4 tips for starting your day off right when working from home

August 31, 2020

working from home

working from home may seem like the ideal situation: shuffling into your office in pjs with a coffee in your hand is the best.

while having the opportunity to work where you sleep has many perks, it also comes with a few challenges. starting your day off right from the beginning is key to being productive and tapping into those creative vibes.

as a photographer, i spend a lot of time in my home office and have learned a few ways to start your day off right. keep reading to see my 4 tips for starting your day when working from home:

1. start the night before

getting up and having a great morning doesn’t happen by accident––it takes planning and effort. i like to take a few minutes every night to write down a list of to-do’s, whether it’s contacting clients, editing, or scheduling social media. making a list not only ensures i won’t forget something, but it also gives me that ample “brain dump” time. if i can get everything down on paper, then it’s easier for me to get to bed (and less likely to wake up in the middle of the night thinking about things i need to do!)

2. create (and stick to) a routine

working from home can give the appearance of total freedom––freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. but that’s just now how things get done! yes i’m in charge of my schedule, but my day-to-day responsibilities still need to get done!

as a photographer, i have hard and fast deadlines that will only get accomplished when i have a consistent routine on my work days. just like reporting to an office job, i have a routine to make sure my day goes according to plan. some days i shoot all day or drive across state lines to do multiple weddings in a weekend. during those times there’s no way to have a routine during those times, but the days i do work in my office i try to follow a consistent time for the things below:

-a wake time (same time every day if possible)

-time to “report” to work

-block scheduling emails and social posts (these free instagram templates will help streamline your social posts!)

-time for editing

-specific days for photoshoots

-scheduled in breaks and lunch times

-and a regular “clock out” time

when you have a routine, you ensure that everything will get done and you are putting boundaries between your personal and work life.

3. get dressed

oh, you thought working all day meant wearing yesterday’s PJ’s? (i mean sometimes it totally does, that’s what’s fun about working from home *wink*) but more times than not, try to get dressed! you show up better and feel better when you are dressed.

yes, sometimes getting dressed looks like putting on a fresh pair of comfy leggings to get the day on a roll. but i am saying that transitioning out of your bedclothes and into some form of “work” clothes is more than just about a wardrobe change: it’s about your mindset.

when you get dressed for the day, brush out your hair, and perhaps put on a lil’ makeup (i know, we’re getting wild over here), you are signaling that it’s time to transition from sleep to wake and start a productive time.

not only that, research shows that your confidence is boosted!

oh, plus you’ll be ready for that random video chat you forgot you scheduled!

4. edit. edit. edit.

there will never be a time when you are 100% done with editing because there is always another shoot. it’s both the blessing and curse of being a photographer. even if you’ve just wrapped up your final holiday shoot, there is always a new preset to learn or some new feature that needs brushing up on. (haven’t figured out your editing style yet? read this).

even if you only dedicate a small amount of time each morning, it will quickly add up over the week. when you accomplish editing in the early half of the day, you’ll also be freeing up your schedule and mind to get other things done throughout the rest of the day. or, hey, maybe even more time for editing!

so there you have it––my tips for getting your morning off to a great start. Though they be few, they are mighty. i hope they help you streamline your productivity, creativity and give your mornings that productive glow.

productive mornings are the best kinda mornings! want further support for time management? i would love to work with you! check out my mentorship program here.

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