7 ways to be productive during the offseason as a photographer

March 24, 2023

be productive during the off season

if you’re reading this, you’ve probably hit a lull as you gear up for next year or are in the throes of the holiday season. every photographer has time throughout the year where work slows down––and thank goodness. but just because you aren’t shooting a wedding every weekend doesn’t mean you can’t use your time wisely.

keep reading to see my tips on how to be productive during the offseason as a photographer!

get processes in order

have you been limping along, struggling to keep your dates in order? this is the perfect time to get organized and to put some processes in place.

i love to use honeybook to manage projects, correspond with clients, invoice and get paid. this client management software saves my lifeeeee.

when it comes to task management, i love clickup. this app helps me organize my goals, tasks, documents and has options to loop others in on my team and chat.

and how satisfying is it when you can finally check off a big to-do? yaaaaas.

develop a content plan

being a successful photographer isn’t just about taking photos, it’s also about sharing content with future clients and colleagues.

a great way to stay productive in the off season is to use this time to develop a content plan for the coming months. i like to grab a cup o’ coffee and brainstorm about all the amazing things i want to share with my readers.

then i can map out how i want to execute it, add them to my clickup account and start kicking butt.

get your galleries ready

raise your hand if you’re behind on editing any galleries! after a busy season of events and photos, it’s normal to get behind on organizing and editing.


buckle down, get the editing done, put those galleries together, and send them off to your beautiful clients. not only are you checking off some major to-do’s, but you’re coming through for your people, who will then refer you to their friends *wink*

practice self-care

work hard, play harder, right? after a long season of working yourself to the bone, it’s time for a little time for yourself.

that could be a vacation, a trip to the day spa, reading a book or just sitting in solitude.

taking care of yourself is what makes you the best version of yourself and while it can be difficult to prioritize, your business isn’t YOU without you.

set goals and intentions

it’s easy to get in survival mode when you’re shooting event after event. but is this the way your want your business to be going? are you meeting your goals? do you even have goals?

i love the offseason for the extra time it allows me to to re-evaluate my professional and personal intentions.

during downtime, pull out that og business plan you made back in the day. are you meeting your goals? or is it time to write out a new mission?

analyze your business

the off season is the ideal time to take stock of what did and didn’t work for you.

do you need a better marketing plan? is it time to change your pricing? do you need to hone in on one type of client to build your business?

analyzing your business doesn’t have to be a monolithic process, but it is an important one.

send out a client survey

if you want the most honest feedback ever, do an anonymous client survey!

use your email system to whip up a quick survey on topics that are important to you, then give to your client base to get their two cents.

honest feedback is precious, and it will help you as you analyze your business and evaluate your goals for the next year. be sure you allow it to be anonymous so you can get the most honest feedback.

are you looking down the barrel of the offseason and not sure what to do? check out my photography mentor program so that you don’t have to plan your 2021 alone! book a call with me here.

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