all the supplies a photographer needs for the perfect styling kit

July 13, 2020

next to your camera, a styling kit is a photographer’s best friend. full of all the details you need to make photos complete, i make sure to stock my kit with lotsssss of textured and practical items that help give my amazingggg couples the beautiful photos they love! detail photos can take a wedding gallery from “oh, nice” to “WOWZA!” and having some goodies in tow when you show up to the wedding to really make their details POP is key!

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i wanted to share with you some of my fave items below that you can easily place in your amazon cart and start your own styling kit right away!

styling box

first up, you need something easy to carry all your items!! i promise when i say this is a life saver and once you’re in the mindset of detail goodies you will start collecting like crazy! from vintage keys to buttons and fabrics, you will want somewhere to put it all! this simple box is a must for your styling kit.

it’s perfect to hold all the small odds and ends that you’ll be sure to collect and makes it simple to put the kit away once you are done with details on the wedding day! i love purchasing these with a coupon from michaels or joann, but amazon has the most options! (find one with moveable openings, makes it easy to change as your collection grows!)

bohemian blush peach gauze cotton table runner

fabric like this table runner is a must! you can use it to create the perfect textured look, or to cover up an ugly table while you’re trying to shoot closeups!

they also make the ideal backdrop. when you carry smaller amounts like a table runner, you’ll have room to carry several color options with you.

i like the neutral colors best so they don’t take over the shot. i have many colors of full size fabrics and runners to use for draping across the frame with the brides shoes or around the invite suite!

it’s the perfect way to add texture!

75 vintage collectable stamps

vintage stamps are peerrrrffect for styling invite suites! they can be placed right on the envelope or in a ring tray to add color! these from amazon are great because they are really vintage and totally unique in every pack! as a result, you’ll get totally unique pics every time.

acrylic styling blocks

having clear little blocks might sound crazy, BUT they are a game changer when it comes to styling the invite suite!! they can add shadow and depth to simple pieces of paper and keep flat invites balanced with fabrics or flowers under them!

look how i used them below!

see how you can see shadows and depth next to and under the paper? thats the blocks at work! they totally up the game!

decorative tin metal tray with distressed finish

the distressed look of this metal tray is perfect for a detailed shot! i love that this particular tray isn’t too large and is perfect whether it’s front and center or off to the side for detailed shots of invitations or rings.

you can find trays from vintage stores and thrift shops too!!

handmade fringe chiffon silk-like ribbon

use these ribbons to add a silk chiffon texture and frayed edge for a wedding bouquet streamers, styling the invitations or even as a backdrop decoration if you want to go all out!

these are also great to use for client gift wrapping!

ring boxessssss!! my absolute FAV part!! i get mine from the and etsy sellers, and amazon! you can find custom handmade boxes everywhere and it’s sooo easy to collect every color and shape! some of my fav amazon ones are this classic square and this fun oval one!

what matters MOST is that you know how to use what you’ve got––don’t stress over filling your styling kit. before you know it, you’ll be getting great at photographing the details from the wedding with some extra goodies like florals!

send me your next detail shot so i can see what you’ve done!

as i find more supplies i’ll be sure to update this list, so bookmark this post to come back to for more styling goodies!

and for more resources, check out my resource page here.


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