my guide to creating, organizing, and

executing amazing client gifts

YESS! i want the guide!

you love your clients and you want them all to walk away with not only amazing photos but an amazing experience as well! this gift guide is meant to do just that...spoil your clients with special gifts along their time of working with you!

within the guide you will learn…

  • when i send my gifts, and how to decide what the best times for gift giving are
  • how i keep track of the timeline so that i never miss a gift-giving opportunity (with a spreadsheet you can copy and use in YOUR business)
  • how I put together my gifts step-by-step, with theme ideas and tips
  • and even some links to some of my go-to gifts to keep on hand!

make client gift giving easy as ever!

the gift guide is a tool to help you create a memorable and exciting client experience, because to be totally honest.... this will not only help your clients connect more with you, but it will also be something they will want to tell their friends about, and that means MORE bookings! because when one client feels incredibly well taken care of, they want that for their friends too!

this guide is perfect for you if...

  • you feel like you don't know what to gift your clients
  • you don't know the process of how to put a gift together
  • you’re asking yourself, “how do i know i’m doing this right?
  • it’s time to serve your clients in massive ways and show that you are invested in them as much as they are invested in you! it’s time to take your client gift-giving up a notch!

    let’s do ittttt!

    are you ready to start making meaningful gifts a part of your client experience?

    grab your FREE gift guide

    and spreadsheet here!