15 days of consistent content to engage your audience and grow your following on instagram

photography is your jam. put yourself behind a camera, and you’re a powerhouse! but put yourself in charge of writing a social media caption, and that’s an entirely different feeling.

“what do I post? i’ve run out of ideas and i don’t have anything to say.”

“posting on instagram takes up too much time, and i have other things i need to be doing.”

“is anyone even seeing what i share?”

these are probably the thoughts running through your head rather than the inspiration for the perfect IG caption. (sadly, inspiration doesn’t just drop from the sky when we need it. i know… bummer… right?!?)

so you do one of two things…

  • * you post random pictures and captions and not enough pics that highlight why couples should want to work with you and why you’re incredible at what you do!
  • * you only post when the inspiration comes. (which basically means you are inconsistent and not utilizing Instagram to its fullest potential for your business.)
  • you probably know what we’re going to say...neither of those responses are going to work to build the sustainable business you desire. if you want to use instagram to be the amazing portfolio for your business that it has the potential to be, then you need to be consistently and strategically posting.

    that’s why i created the instagram caption templates for wedding photographers.

    we are jules + kae. you know me, jules, as the wedding photographer, and my friend kae is a digital marketing expert. together we are the perfect combo to create these caption templates for you. the templates aren’t generic and for “everyone,” like so many inspirational caption templates are. these are just for YOU, my wedding photographer friends.

    consider us your inspiration cheerleaders: ready to hand you exactly what you need during those times when you feel STUCK before you post. we’ve got the magical all-in-one *free* template that you can pull out before posting and save.so.much.time!!!

    because we get it. instagram can feel overwhelming. we have been in your shoes scrolling through the gram feeling like everyone has something to say but us, and we got tired of feeling that way. so we did something that would not only help us show up on instagram with our a-game, but help YOU too!

    we want you to feel confident every time you click over to instagram to post because you and your business deserve to be in the spotlight!

    here’s what you’ll get…

  • a list of 15 captions ready to post on instagram. (if you need to tweak the caption a bit to sound more like YOUR voice, go for it! but they are ready to go.)
  • photo ideas to help you narrow down your hundreds (or thousands) of photos so that you don’t feel like you’re going to pick the “wrong one.” we tell you exactly what pose to look for!
  • personal caption ideas and inspiration. you can post about YOU too, ya know! just do it in the “right” way so that it connects to your audience instead of feeling seemingly random.
  • ultimately what you get with the “instagram caption templates for wedding photographers” is an instagram that consistently showcases your amazing photos and engages your audience with captions so that you can finally stop worrying about what to post and focus on building your brand.

    i can’t wait for you to get your hands on these instagram caption templates. stop stressingggggg and start loving your instagram again! (and help others love it just as much, *wink*)