YESS! i want the checklist!

you’ve dabbled in photography for awhile, and you’ve decided you’re ready to start turning your hobby into a REAL business… (it’s time to make it official, girl!)

but you’re probably asking… ”where do i start?”

learning the ins and outs about your favorite gear + nailing down your editing style seems so much more fun than figuring out all you need to know to get your biz off the ground.

it feels like... well... a lot.

so you’ve ignored the business logistics (like the financial and organizational pieces) to spend your time doing the parts that feel A LOT more fun like shooting with clients and editing!

of course, you can do that for a while... but you need to know that you’re holding yourself back from making the money you deserve. that’s the last thing i want for you, because you deserve a full calendar of weddings and a full bank account to match.

now don’t get me wrong...this doesn’t mean you need to be an expert in all. the. things. it just means you need to have systems and softwares in place to help you be successful and grow quickly.

that’s why i created the photographers ultimate business checklist.

i want you to feel confident during the foundational stages so that you can get your business built, launched, and ready to GROW without feeling out of control.

here’s what you’ll learn…

  • step-by-step what i tell the new photographers i work with before they enter my mentor program (’ll have a jump start on so many other photographers).
  • links to what i use in my own biz so you don’t have to spend your time researching the best tools.
  • explanations to go along with every tip so that you can confidently take ACTION in no-time.

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