hi, i’m jules

June 25, 2020

helloooo!! and welcome to sincerelyjules.co!!

i am jules – your trusty pal in the wedding photography world and i am SO excited to have you here with me! i have been a wedding photographer for five years and serve couples in colorado and nebraska as well as couples all over the country! i spent several years building my business and learning how to do everything from bookkeeping, goal-setting, understanding softwares and tech (for sure not my expertise lol) and hours behind the computer – things i never thought i would do! i picked up the camera years ago and just loved capturing special moments. who knew i would have to learn how to back-up files, edit every image, figure out where to post galleries and support clients in every way?! i googled so many things from how do i figure out what style i am? how do i create a legal contract? how do i get business insurance? etc etc etc… the list goes on! i still spend my days learning new things and setting bigger goals than before, but it takes so much time and energy to figure it all out!

over a year and a half ago i realized i needed more help than mr.google could offer me.

i need a coach. a mentor. someone to guide me. so i researched and scrolled and finally found someone to support me, and it was by far the best choice i could have made for my business. my business coach Erinn guided me through so many obstacles i never knew i was even facing. she helped me triple my yearly income, serve my clients in massive ways, understand my mindset around goals and taught me how to not over work myself. there are SO many things we don’t realize we don’t know until someone comes and helps us. she most importantly helped me see how much i wanted to support other photographers. i had always dreamed of creating mentor program, i wanted to share and teach other photographers so they didn’t have to rely on google to build their businesses. after weeks (probably months) of hard work to create a program to serve photographers in all the aspects of business i was SO excited to share my mentor program at the beginning of 2020! i now serve incredible photographers all over the place and LOVE IT in every way!

i now teach photographers how to handle all the business operations behind the scenes, how to tackle marketing and social media as a photographer, and share how to massively serve their clients in awesome ways! i love sitting beside another photographer and seeing how they run their business and how they tackle each obstacle, and see how i can support them!

i felt like my photography website was starting to get a little busy with all the educational content i was sharing and wanted a special space for all the things i have created specifically for photographers! so that’s how sincerelyjules.co was born! aka sj.co – this space is for YOU!

i now get to serve incredible couples for their wedding as well as photographers in their businesses – how lucky am i! i am so excited to have a space specifically for photographers to learn, hang out, and connect! sincerelyjules.co is the space for all that to live and for you to scoop up all that goodness all at once! if you have any ideas for what you would like to see here on sj.co, let me know and i am happy to provide! follow me over on instagram to get daily goodies and make sure to join the insiders list to be the first to know about everything shared here! so excited to have ya along!

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