how to build trust with your email list subscribers

September 28, 2020

build trust with your email subscribers

communication with your client and future clients is key to building your business, and email is a suuuuuper easy way to get that connection going. when it comes to finally snagging those subscribers, don’t let them go! keep reading to see some super easy ways to build trust with your email subscribers so they stick around for years to come.

have an initial sequence

when your subscribers sign up to be on your email list, it’s really important to get them into an email sequence that will nurture them. an email sequence sounds fancy, but it’s really just a string of particular emails that will entice your subscribers to keep opening your emails.

important emails in a sequence can and should include an introduction, some educational items or freebies, and perhaps even a discount of some sort.

the goal? to establish a trusted relationship that will result in subscribers elated to open your next email!

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be consistent

a super easy way to lose a subscriber? to stop emailing them! so let’s not do that.

whether you rely on a long-term sequence or schedule out a set day every week to send emails, be consistent. just do it.

your subscribers should not be surprised when they get an email from you because it’s been months! even if you’re just reaching out with a simple message or word of encouragement, the consistent email will always result in a better open rate than no email at all.

give value

let’s be honest: there will be weeks when it may be hard to come up with valuable info more than others. it’s the nature of the beast.

but there are plenty of ways to bring value, and its one of the most important ways to build trust with your email subscribers.

providing educational content such as how-to’s, printables, and videos is a really easy way to bring value.

everything you send subscribers should also be about them. ask yourself, “how is this email going to help my subscriber?”

one final tip: if you’re out of ideas, ask your subscribers what they want to know! you can do a super easy survey or just a call out for topics they’d like to learn about.

problem solved.

respond to feedback

your subscribers should know they can get in contact with you when they respond to an email. whether they’re sharing that they love your content or the opposite (hey, it happens), maintaining an open, responsive and timely dialogue is a great way to build trust and to keep growing your list.

building trust with email subscribers doesn’t happen overnight, but if you’re committed, it doesn’t have to be difficult!

a healthy subscriber list is so important for your business! want further tips for building your biz? i would love to work with you! book a call with me here.

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