how to create your brand voice for your photography business

June 5, 2020

when it comes to embarking on your new photography venture, finding and creating your brand voice is essential to giving yourself an identity––especially one that stands out from the crowd.

if you didn’t already know, a brand voice is how you communicate your unique personality to your audience. it goes beyond an audible voice and extends to all the ways you communicate with your potential clients: your photos, colors, logo, font, language and overall aesthetic style.

above all, it’s a consistent way you will express your message and values to your target audience.

let’s get into the nitty-gritty of tips for how to create your photo brand voice:

1. notice… how have you branded your wardrobe?

an easy way to jump-start the creation of your brand voice is to pull from the things you already love: what colors do you prefer to wear? do you like muted colors or light and bright? 

what about your style? are you laid-back casual, or preppy chic? the way you dress already says a lot about you, and by extension, your business. your wardrobe probably already has your palette decided for you! so rather than try to come up with a totally unique look to your brand––go with what you love!

ask yourself: what about my wardrobe do i love and want to bring into my overall brand?

2. notice… how have you branded your environment?

another way to develop your brand voice is to look at how you decorate your home. do you like clean, modern lines? does your home show the vintage charm you love so much? the aesthetic that you’ve worked hard to create for your house can easily translate over to your brand and tell a lot about you to your ideal client. your logo may incorporate elements of design styles that you gravitate towards, such as minimal color, linear layout or whimsical drawings. 

ask yourself: what do i love visually about my environment that i can incorporate into my brand voice?

3. notice…what fonts are you drawn to?

one of the most important aspects of your brand are the fonts you choose. with so many choices out there, this can also be the most difficult detail to work out! as you build your brand, start taking note of fonts you like. visit websites of brands you enjoy and check out what fonts they use. would they go with the style you’re trying to build? if you find a font you love, but don’t know the name of it, use a font finder to help!

it’s a good idea to choose at least two to three fonts for your brand voice. start with a serif (a font where each letter has a small stroke or line at the bottom), a sans serif (a font without the line at the bottom) and a fun font! spend time creating pairings of the fonts you choose to see how they work together before making your final decision.

ask yourself: what fonts am i drawn to that i can incorporate into my business branding?

building your brand voice is an exciting process, especially if your dream is finally coming true after tons of hard work. while it can feel overwhelming to commit to a logo, colors and fonts, your brand voice is not set in stone––it changes just like you do! when the time comes, you’ll know when it’s time to update the little things that keep your brand in line with your values and to seek out new clients.

do you want extra support when it comes to branding your business? i can help guide you through this step and many more in my mentor program for photographers. think of me as your guide, here to support you through all your growth + the one who has figured out all the tough stuff so you don’t have to! learn more here.

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