how photographers attract the perfect clients on instagram

September 14, 2020

Find New Clients on Instagram

when it comes to marketing yourself as a wedding photographer, nothing is as powerful as an image. the best place to do this? instagram! the photo-based platform is perfect for not only showcasing your work, but it’s the ideal place to attract new couples. want to know how? keep reading to see a few simple tips on how to find new clients on instagram.

share your best images

it goes without saying that instagram is a photographer’s dream. whether you’re purposefully scrolling or just trying to decompress for the day, IG is the place to find major inspo.

when it comes to finding a new client on instagram however, you need to be a little more strategic than just sharing this morning’s tasty brekky.

the first simple tip is sharing your best and brightest shots. not only should the photos depict your particular style, but they should highlight your editing style and be cohesive (hint: you can use a scheduler like tailwind to see how your posts will look before you share!).

post often and post new event images so future clients can see your portfolio. think of this as the first impression when meeting a new person. you only get a few seconds so make it your best!

improve your engagement

engagement is how instagram values your content and ultimately shares it with potential new viewers. the more engaged with users you are, the more the algorithm will pick up and spread your content. so how do you improve it?

be active, craft purposeful and useful captions, respond to comments and be consistent in sharing.

the more “present” you are, the more likely you are to attract new clients!

use relevant hashtags

hashtags are more than just stuffing a bunch of # signs at the bottom of your posts. they are a way for your content to get in front of a relevant audience. that being said, you need a strategy.

keep in mind that the broader your hashtags, the less likely they are to be seen, as they’ll get grouped into a mass of other similar content.

on the flip side, if you get specific, such as #atlantaweddingphotographer, the likelihood of your posts getting seen by someone looking for a photographer in the atlanta area is much higher.

it may also benefit you to develop your own hashtag that all clients can use when sharing the photos of their wedding. get creative!

use your bio to share contact info

instagram is probably one of the only platforms that still doesn’t allow active links in captions or comments, so you’ve got to make your bio count.

whether you use a link in bio widget or just simply use the website field, make sure you have your contact info front and center!

the last thing you want is someone to have to dig for your information because it’s impossible to locate on your instagram profile. if that happens, they may give up the search all together.

it can be soooo frustrating to find someones instagram and not have any clue where they are or who they serve! using your bio to share important information like service areas and links to book or get more details is CRUCIAL! use this space to make connecting with real potential clients seamless!

using instagram to expand your clientele is a great strategy––if you do it right! and truth be told finding new clients is key to growing your business, so check out my FREE instagram templates guide and download here.

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