how to help your couples feel confident for their engagement session

October 21, 2021

couple show off ring during engagement photoshoot

do you remember the first time you paid to have your photos taken??

it can be so intimidating to be in front of the camera especially when you are cuddled up with your one true love! it can be so vulnerable!

your clients can feel easily uncomfortable, or share with you that they don’t feel good in front of the camera, or think they look weird! but you can help them feel super confident with these few tips! here are some ways to help make your clients feel more comfy and help them prep for their shoot with you!

1. SEND A GUIDE (what to expect)

i LOVE sending guides! not only does it help the client learn what to expect from the time you will be spending together, but it also makes sure that they get all of the info they need! scroll down to see some things you can add to your guide! so many people have no idea where to begin, and you are the pro, so make sure they know you are there to take care of them and make sure they are totally ready!!


in your guide be sure to include photos from past couples with outfits you love and in places you love! give a list of locations and outfits based on the seasons/weather. be sure to include options for different hair colors, skin tones and styles!


you will likely learn a lot about your couples during the process of shooting photos for them, but helping them get to know you too can make posing in front of the camera so much easier! making your relationship more friendship like can help the couple feel more comfortable cozying up in front of the camera!


Either open a shotlist on your phone to keep your inspiration rolling, or check your list before your shoot and remember one or two that you want to try! scroll on down to check out a list of some of my go-to and favorite prompts for engagement session!! Again, lots of people are uncomfortable in front of the camera, so be sure to remind them that you will help pose them and that they won’t be on their own to look cute in their photos! 

I love to start with movement and walking poses, because it help you and them warm up and get comfortable without having to make sure to really get a perfect pose.


  • cheek to cheek bug smiley faces at the camera – a classic!
  • “smile kiss” where i tell couples to smile really big but as close as they would be when kissing – this brings close laughter and snuggles!
  • have one partner kiss the others temple, then move into just snuggling into that same spot
  • flip partners from the pose above! (a reminder to do most of these poses for both partners!)
  • MODERN PROM POSE: i love to call this the prom pose, because couples remember it! but i tell one partner to stand behind the other like a traditional prom pose, but to make sure to throw their arms OVER the front partners shoulders, then front partner grabs the arms that are wrapped around them! I like to turn the front partner in a little so they can still interact in this pose! Get all the smileys, nuzzles, and kisses in this pose too!
  • have one partner give chicken peck kisses all over the others one side of their face (make sure it’s the side so their chins are towards you when they laugh from this!) 
  • get super close and give each other Eskimo kisses… aka nose nuzzles – i have couples hold this pose A LOT! make sure they close their eyes tho! 
  • take your partner’s face into your hands and kiss them all over their face
  • tell one partner: “as delicately as you can, use your fingers to bring your partner’s lips in for a slow-mo kiss you’d see in a movie…. the slower the better”. usually, if they’re going slow enough, smiles and laughter happens on the way to the kiss.


  • holding hands, run towards me but don’t LOOK at me while you’re running! (remind them to look DOWN if needed though!) 
  • while holding hands, walk towards me together and pull each other in for a kiss after a few steps
  • run towards each other and embrace like a rom-com airport scene.
  • while walking towards me, hold hands and pull as far apart then bounce back together and bump hips a bit, if one of you falls, make sure to grab the other!
  • have one partner lift the other up and spin around (slowly!) make sure to have the lifting partner grab the other UNDER the butt, this helps them hold securely and gets the other partner up high enough!
  • give a piggy back ride, make sure to spin around or bounce up and down so you laugh a lot!
  • do the 3:00am walking home from the bars, drunk walk. AKA hold each other up and hang on each other while you walk towards the camera – make to to look at each other!


this is a good time to tell your couples to just enjoy each others company for a few minutes while you get some specific poses and shots. tell them the pose then let them do that pose for a while while they just spend the time together. sessions aren’t just a time for photos but for them to connect and for you to learn who they are so you can photograph them even better!

  • while looking in each other’s eyes, think of a time where you were really proud of the other. Nothing has to be said out loud! just reflect.
  • hold each other close and breathe each other in.
  • with your foreheads touching and eyes closed, inhale and exhale in sync
  • slowly move her hair off her shoulder / tuck her hair behind her ear and kiss her on the neck.
  • “get as close as possible, but don’t kiss yet!” make them wait a minute to build the anticipation!!


i think the most important thing to really remember is that every couple is DIFFERENT. like, duh, but it’s easy to just run through your poses and get through your session, but spending the time with your couple to get to know them, how they are together, and how you want to photograph them as they are is crucial!!! spend the time pre-session with your guide, answering questions, talking about outfits and locations, and educating them as much as you can on how to have the best session and you’re SET, my friend! can’t wait to see how you serve your amazing couples!!

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