must-have resources for setting-up your own office

July 29, 2020

no matter what type of business person you are, having a space to work is a MUST! i want you to LOVE your space the way i love mine, so i’ve rounded up a few must-have supplies for a home office.

for photographers, most likely that means having a home office where you can set up shop, store your equipment, meet with clients, and do your mannnnny hours of editing.

being natural creatives…that can also mean setting up a space that sparks your imagination and helps you produce the best work possible!


chunky loop jute rug

a rug can be an awesome statement piece with pops of color. or (in my case) a neutral piece to add a lot of texture to my space…without being overwhelming. this handmade covering has tons of quirky imperfections and makes my office feel cozy, while still being clean and styled.

desk table lamp with 10W fast wireless charging

you get more than a lamp with this option––this table light charges your phone, too!!!! i like a clean and streamlined space, and this keeps the cords at a minimum (a HUGE win in my book!). it still creates amazing light for editing. this lamp also gives you the option to change your lighting to white, natural or yellow. it’s seriously the best. who knew a light could be so fun?!?

decor therapy velvet pouf

i love this piece in my office because it offers style AND function. it can be used while I work in a chair in my laptop, or just as decor to add some more dimension to my space. seriously…how cute is this pouf?!?

small trash can with lid soft close and removable inner wastebasket

what can I say?!? it’s a trash can. but it’s not JUST a trash can. seriously, this little guy is straight to the point, understated, and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. bonus point is that it has a soft-closed lid!

case for Apple iPad 

i’m always carrying around technology with me on the job because i work all over the place (literally, i’m traveling between states weekly), and i love this inexpensive iPad cover that adds some cute style to my tech. it has an auto-sleep function, magnetic closure, and cutouts for charging and the camera. it proves you can be stylish AND functional at the same time!

supplies for a home office

marble paper granite gray/white roll 

this paper is goals! it covers up old desks and filing cabinets and makes them look brand new!! if you don’t have a ton of cash to create beauty in your office, this inexpensive option is a simple way to transform your space.

macbook pro 13 inch case

besides my camera, my computer is a priority when it comes to protection. i like this case because of the plethora of color options and how it provides ample ventilation for my computer fan. there are some days where i’m on my computer SO long, and i need to make sure it stays cool. another perk?!? it also comes with a screen protector!

qcute mouse pad

this mouse pad is made of aluminum and is super lightweight! i love the color options and the non-slip rubber bottom that helps me be more productive.

bose quietcomfort wireless bluetooth headphones

this is one of my more expensive office items, but totally worth it! these bose quietcomfort headphones truly help me to stay focused. (i throw alllll my money at things that help me to focus). these are noise cancelling and allow me to zone in on my work no matter if i’m at home or in a noisy coffee shop. i love being able to work anywhere because i can slip these babies on my ears and not allow distractions to take over.

12×18 White Letter Board +340 Letters

letterboards made a statement a few years ago, and they are still going strong! i like to use mine for funny quotes, inspirational ideas or just plain fun decor. these are the best, and i love to change them up!

as i find more supplies, i’ll be sure to update this list, so bookmark this post to come back to for more office goodies!

and for more resources, check out my resource page here.

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