5 reasons you should invest in a photography mentor

November 10, 2020

why you should invest in a business coach

as small business owners, we all hit that point where we’ve done all we can with the tools we have. so now what? it’s probably time to take your skills to the next level and i have the secret: hire a mentor!

whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned company owner, here are 5 reasons you should invest in a photo mentor.

1. they give you accountability

first a foremost, your mentor is going to be that person who not only cheers you along on the sidelines (you know, like a coach), but they’re also going to be that person who keeps you on track. because, hello––we all get sidetracked.

they’re not only going to help you set goals, but they’ll make sure you’re constantly moving in the direction to meet them.

whether it’s finding new clients, changing your business model or helping you take time to actually figure out what you enjoy, a mentor will get you from point A to point B in your business.

2. they will help build a roadmap

speaking of getting from one place to the next…

we all want to be successful, but sometimes it takes someone from the outside to look in so we can get a clearer picture of how to get there.

your mentor will help you develop a roadmap for executing steps to get you to the place you want to be. through regular mentor sessions, a photography mentor is going to get into all your nitty-gritty and bring out the shining star you know you are.

3. they’ll help with mindset and perspective shifts

the mind is a powerful thing and sometimes it holds us back more than we know.

if you’re struggling with a stalling business or even just the motivation to grow your company, it could be time for a perspective shift.

one of the best things about a mentor is they are there for you––not your business. they want to help you become the best version of you and the best performing person you can be.

they’ll help tap into the reasons behind “why” you do what you do––then the good business-y stuff will come out of that. magic, right?

4. they have resources

mentors are full of connections and resources. they receive tons of training on how to be a resourceful supportive mentor, and they want to share it with you!

they’ll help you expand your network, enhance your skills through training, and direct you to other resources to take your biz to the next level.

5. they’ve been there, done that.

ok i’ve saved the best for last. investing in a mentor is a no brainer because they have already been where you are. they’ve navigated the waters and can help you do the same while saving you tons of wasted time battling the dreaded trial and error.

they’re the pro and you get to glean all their wisdom and goodies as you grow your own business!

not only that, the objective opinion they’ll bring will help provide a sense of clarity, you’ll get the constructive criticism you need and you’ll probably avoid a ton of pitfalls.

while it’s definitely an investment, a photography mentor is the key to ramping up your biz. want more tips for building your business? i would love to work with you! book a call with me here.

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