reflecting on past goals – yearly refresh!

December 15, 2020

set goals for 2021

can you believe it? 2020 is allllmost over. i think i speak for most of us when i say good riddance, and hello 2021! while setting goals and looking to the future can be super exciting (and important!) i think theres a step many forget to work through before writing that “new year new me” list – reflecting on the past year and your past goals!! i’ll help you walk through everything you need to do to look over the past year to help you set super intentional goals moving forward!

pull together all those past goals

first steps first. find that list on your old planner, or hopefully its tacked up on your wall or computer – and get all those goals and dreams from the past into one spot so we can see what they were and how we did on them!

now, what were last years goals? what did you have in place to reach those goals and how well did you work towards them? be honest with yourself!

pull together all the info (actual numbers!)

open up honeybook, your calendars, all the income and expense sheets etc to look over all your totals! this is the time to figure out how many weddings you shot, how much money you made – what your expenses were in total (if you spent too much on gear or coffees whoops) and get ALL the details organized so you can look over them all at once! this is your time to compare your goals to what actually happened!

overall, what went well in your business? take some time to think over the big and the small things and what stick out as those good moments that you celebrated through the year? 

overall, what didn’t go well in your business? be honest, what held you back or stopped you from hitting a goal – or moving forward? how would you have changed those goals now that the year has passed?

do a time evaluation

how did you spend your time? both in your business and out of it. if you don’t already – a great tip for seeing how you spend your time is to write down what you do every hour while you work – at end of the week look over how you’ve spent your hours and by the end of the year you’ll have an understanding of how you’ve spent your time!

this is not only a good way to keep yourself accountable, but helps you see where you spend the most time in your business and can help you choose where to outsource, set new goals, change things for the future! try this in the new year if you don’t already and use it to help you reflect next year! if you have done this the past year, write down what you spent the most time on and what you want to change about that or keep the same going into the next year!

review your offer

what did you offer in your business? was it what you wanted to sell? how well did it sell and did your offers help you hit your goals and reach your ideal clients? how can you change your offer moving into the next year to get closer to your ideal client + your goals?


before moving on, make sure to celebrate yourself and all that you accomplished in the last year!! while your list might have things you want to change, there are definitely a few things to celebrate!! no matter how it went, you crushed it this year! you can grow from the goals you set, whether you hit them or not! we are meant to move forward – not be perfect! choose a way to celebrate yourself and do so before moving on!

and make sure to write down what were you proud of from the last year! we will use the to help us set new goals, it’s always important to set more goals to continue doing what you love and what makes you proud!

next, we will work on SETTING new intentional goals based on this reflection! take a few days to do this reflection and write down allll the info in one spot so we can come back to it to set the new ones!

if you want some one on one help with reflecting over your past goals and working on the new ones, learn about mentor sessions with jules here!

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