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in your wedding photography business?

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the biz side can feel overwhelming

imposter syndrome can hit you HARD

and too many amazing photographers give up as a result

a mentor session is a good fit for you if . . .

you already love capturing images, but you need tips when it comes to editing.

you love following photographers on social media, but you want your feed to stand out too!

you enjoy hobby photography, but you find yourself wishing for that full-time photography business

don’t give up on your business

when things get hard.

do this instead…

sign-up for a 90-minute mentor session with a seasoned photographer

you need a guide who has gone before you and has walked the path you plan to walk as well... we learn best by walking together!

that’s where my 90-minute mentor sessions come in!!

it’s time to go from “not quite sure about this” - weekend hobby that you love - just for some extra $$ creating a full-time thriving photography biz!

a full calendar of sessions booked with your FAVORITE type of clients!

being paid what you are worth and feeling CONFIDENT of your price point!

FINALLY understanding the biz and strategically putting yourself out there to the world!

streamlining all the business side so that you can focus on your SWEET SPOT!

how can this be possible? well, with me as your mentor of course! *wink wink*

what to expect for your 90 min call …

- ask me anything about the industry or your business - basically anything you need help with getting your business off the ground or unstuck.

- what we discuss is flexible and up to you, but just to keep us on the same page, you’ll get a questionnaire prior to the call to help us cover everything you want to know!

- you’ll get a recording of the call to help you remember everything you learned AND your very own “get-it-done” list customized with your next steps!

what’s awesome is you can book again any time you get stuck as you build your business

I'm here to give you a push and the “girl, i hear ya” kind of help that i KNOW can put you on target to crush your goals!

sooooo….what’s stopping you?

STOP worrying you aren’t good enough and LET’S DO THIS THING!

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