the best software and apps for a wedding photographer

June 14, 2020

best apps for a wedding photographer

being a photographer isn’t what it used to be! gone are the days of dark rooms and processing film (thank goodness!!), but we still have a lot of work to do to give our clients the best images possible. thankfully, technology is on our side. so, i’ve rounded up some of my favorite programs and apps for a wedding photographer that help streamline my photography business and, most importantly, give my clients the best experience possible.


i really this platform to host all my client galleries. the website is simple for clients to purchase prints and albums, in addition to sharing and proofing photos. photographers can set-up digital albums and personalized covers and layouts, too!

want to give it a try? i’ve got an awesome referral code that gets you a bonus 250MB added to your 3GB of free storage when you sign up using my code! (we photographers know how valuable those MB can be *wink*)


honeybook manages all my clients. this is the software i use for all my proposals, tasks, contracts, invoices and payments. i love the due date and reminder features, plus the fact that they have an app i can use on-the-go.

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oh, and if the sound of all those tasks (proposals, invoices, contracts etc) intimidates you, head over to my mentorship page because we need to chat about getting your business systems set-up in a way that doesn’t make it feel overwhelming.


while i don’t schedule out my posts for instagram in advance, i do like to make sure that my feed looks cohesive. i use UNUM to hold photos and put them in a configuration that works the best, so i can decide what order i want to post!

for more instagram tips, you’re going to want to check out this amazing free resource.


my go-to editing software is lightroom. i edit all of my photos on the desktop software and use adobe creative cloud to have the most updated service always. i use lightroom CC on mobile to edit phone photos and edit images on the go! you can even edit RAW photos, and #protip i’ve been known to send images from my camera to my phone at weddings,  edit while i eat dinner, and print some out on my instax as a gift before i leave! 

photo mechanic

after a shoot, i sometimes have hundreds to thousands of images, but photo mechanic makes sorting through them a breeze. it is the FASTEST way to sort through raw images after sessions! i am able to cut through my photos at lightning speed and get to editing super fast.


canva is a super simple place to create instagram story images, pinterest pin templates, and everything else that i don’t want to open up photoshop for! i use the web-based program to design all my pdfs and freebies, and many of the options are free!


the beauty and simplicity of flodesk makes it a no-brainer for your email provider. i love the built-in template options, user-friendly interface, and easy ways to set up campaigns. as a photographer, i’m all about the visual and flodesk really makes for beautiful emails!

you can check it out with my referral code!

do you have other apps and programs you love? i’d love to hear about them so i can add them to my list of the best apps for a wedding photographer, so message me on instagram!

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