why photographers need a styling kit

July 24, 2020

all photographers have their camera ready to go, but one thing they should also have (but most don’t) is a styling kit!

below are three reasons why photographers need a styling kit:

*if you want to see what’s in a styling kit first, click here.*

1. use your styling kit to enhance the wedding details

your couple will give you a few details from the wedding that they spent time choosing specifically for their big day! a styling kit comes to play so you can help the pieces they have already picked look bigger, brighter, and even more special! styling kit items are there to do a job just like you do as a photographer — capture the details in their best form!! 

2. show off your skills

you styling kit allows you to create images that really show off your skills and style much more than if you had just a few stand-alone items from the clients to photograph like a ring, invitation, or wedding bouquet.

bringing a few items to step up your detailed photos can help bring your style to your images when you’re photographing items that may not represent your look on their own. styling kits give you the room for creativity and to spoil your clients with kick-ass photos while still incorporating the meaningful details that represent their day.

3. make your job easier!!

when you have fabrics, ring boxes and backdrops it allows you to get the details shot where the light and settings are perfect!! you don’t have to deal with tile floors that don’t match or weird wall colors. you get full control and can do what you want vs just going with only what’s available to you!! your kit should allow you to take full control of detailed photos!!

want to know what to include in your styling kit? check out this post for all the supplies you need (and pictures to help you see the details in action *wink*)


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