why you need vendor/photographer friends (+ a note on comparison in the photography industry)

November 30, 2023

it’s easy to see other wedding photographers on social media, at events, or in networking circles and feel a level of competition or comparison. you might compare your editing styles, how many weddings they seem to have, or the weddings they’re shooting to yours, etc. but here’s the thing… viewing other wedding vendors as a support system instead of a competition can truly be the thing that helps YOU the most!!

it may be that one day you need a second shooter, or you are sick and can’t make it to a wedding, do you have someone you can call??

other vendors are important too! imagine you have a client who has been looking for a day of coordinator and they just can’t find someone they like, if you refer your clients to someone, that coordinator might one day have a couple who needs a photographer and refers to you! this is just the basis of building a vendor recommendation list!

or come slower season, there’s vendor holiday parties and networking events with other wedding vendors and your connections can help you meet and work with amazing people, and create “work friends” to help this job feel a little less lonely! and mostly, we just need other people who understand what we do and support us, help us when we need, who we help when we can, and who can become true friends. the wedding industry can be very small, or huge depending on how you look at it!!

these people and become your actual best friends! i’ve been lucky enough to call some of the people i have connected with through photography and the wedding instrusy my best friends! from photographers who i can sit with for hours at a coffee shop and talk about the ins and outs of our jobs, to the makeup artists who become besties and are invited to my wedding, i’m so grateful to them and for being able to look at this industry as a community!

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